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OK!  You are about to know how to Make any girl want to fuck!  There are many theories, and I am about to tell you mine. Where did i get my theory? Well, i read a bunch of other people’s which i found VERY interesting… So interesting, i HAD to leave my girlfriendat the time to try them out to see if they REALLY worked… I’M TELLING YOU, THEY DO.   You are about to skip the 95% of the work i did and get straight to MY CONCLUSIONS! You might not like the first one but at least u’ll know I’m being straight with you:

Other people’s strategies and insights are training wheels – the best results can come once you start ADDING to the body of knowledge.

That being said, going from TOTALLY SHIT, AWKWARD, SOCIALLY INCOMPETENT, POWERLESS, ROOKIE to having that first successful conversation with a hottie IS THE BEST FEELING I’VE EVER HAD!! And you can do that EASILY with training wheels! Here’s my advice:

1. Understand that attraction is not a choice:

This one is from David DeAngelo and boy is it a mind opener! Get your mind thinking this thought all day long. Consider this: when you see a totally attractive woman, even if she is a bitch, she is stupid, she is poor, whatever, almost always you are STILL STRONGLY ATTRACTED TO HER, REGARDLESS! This is great news for guys! Luckily for us, women are looking for other qualities in men other than beauty, so if you just display the traits she is looking for SHE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HELP HERSELF from BEING ATTRACTED TO YOU! :D

2. Display the traits she is looking for:

You don’t have to be handsome, but be as well groomed as possible. Dress well in trendy clothes that fit well AND that you feel good in – very important you feel confident with your choice of clothes. Hair cut, trim nails (manicure is $10 if they’re terrible, girls notice), clean teeth, fresh breath, come on, basics. Then – body language. Just the usual – smile, decent posture etc BUT THE KEY for me is your spacial awareness – if you are on the outside of a group, you look weak. Always try and get your back against something. At a bar or club, a GREAT place to be is with your back against the bar – you have a constant flow of women, it doesn’t look like you’re on your own (even if you might be) and you can GET GIRLS AROUND YOU. Very cool.

3. Be interesting to be around

This is from Mystery – have a few conversation starters, party tricks and plan of action. Start with an opinion opener – just ask someone an open question, like, ‘Do you think my friend has too much gel in his hair?’/’who is better dressed – me or my friend?’ etc. Then have a few magic tricks/tests/games/bets you can pull out – the ‘5 lies’ one is good. This gets everyone having fun and a platform to get to know each-other a little better. Then if it’s going well, DONT GET STUCK WITHOUT A PLAN! You know the feeling – its going great, then it hits a flat spot and it just fizzles out? Sit down together at a table, go outside, go get a bite to eat, go back to yours to get some money/coat/check on your cat/coffee etc.

4. Have a Plan

If she’s down for moving around with you, you’re probably close to getting a kiss or number close. I have a few closes i use which ni will share elsewhere on this site ;p

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